Annual Report 2016

2016 Chenango United Way
Annual Report

Chenango United Way
83 North Broad St.
Norwich, NY 13815
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March 1, 2017

Dear Chenango Community:
2016 was another amazing year for the Chenango United Way! We were so proud to collaborate with you, our community, on a number of very meaningful projects and another very successful fundraising campaign. Thank you letting us be a part of your year!

Education- Dolly Parton Imagination Library
For two years, the Chenango United Way has been collaborating with the public libraries of Chenango County to increase the early literacy levels of children aged birth through age 5. Through the Books from Birth/Dolly Parton Imagination Library initiative, books are made available to children through the mail regardless of family situation or income level. To date, more than 1,283 children have enrolled in the project across Chenango County. Starting in 2017, we will begin looking at the impact this program is having on kindergarten readiness.

Health- Greater Chenango Cares IRT
July 2016 brought the second year of the Greater Chenango Cares IRT project to our community. Last year, the Chenango United Way was pleased to serve as the lead agency for the initiative that brought 185 military service men and women to Chenango County to provide no-cost medical, dental, vision and veterinary care to the un-insured and under-insured of our region. Total final numbers for the 2016 project:
o    Medical Clinic- 1,387 services
    Physical therapy- 472 services
    Nutrition counseling- 257 services
    Nurse counseling- 1,674 services
    Pharmacy- 639 services
o    Dental Clinic- 2,350 services
o    Optometry Clinic- 2,354 services
    No cost glasses- 577 pairs
o    Veterinary Clinic- 690 services
o    Total 2016 services- 10,310
o    Total 2016 unduplicated patients- 1,850
o    Total value of the services provided back to the community in 2016- $914,904
Over the 10-day IRT event, more than 400 volunteers gave of their time and talents. The estimated in-kind value of this time totaled more than $92,000. We could not have held this event without the generosity of these volunteers! Thank you so much to each and every one of you, as well as to the IRT Steering Committee members who helped to plan this event for the many months leading up to July:
o    Incident Commander- Matt Beckwith, Chenango County Emergency Services
o    Public Information Officer- Victoria Mitchell, Chenango United Way
o    Military Liaison- Caroline Quidort, Southern Tier East Regional Planning Development Board
o    Chenango County Lead Official- Donna Jones, Chenango County Planning Dept.
o    Operations Section Chief- A Jones, Chenango County Sheriff’s Dept.
o    Planning Section Chief- Shane Butler, Chenango County Planning Dept.
o    Deputy Planning Chief- Chris Paul, Chenango Health Network
o    Logistics Section Chief- Joe Angelino, Retired, Norwich City Police Chief
o    Finance and Administration Section Chief- Shelly Bartow, Morrisville State College
o    Deputy Finance and Admin Chief- Karen Sastri, NBT Bank
o    Volunteer Division Chair and Zone 1 Leader- Joyce Zummo,
o    Veterinary Division Chair- Annette Clarke, Chenango County SPCA
o    Facilities Chair- Stan Foulds, Norwich City Schools
o    IT Chair- Jeff Smith
o    Summer Interns- Jackie Hanrahan (Colgate University) and Marissa Mitchell (Keuka College)
Finally, thank you to everyone who believed in the value of this project and invested in it with funds and products from day one: The Community Foundation for South Central New York, The RC Smith Foundation, Norwich Rotary, Southern Tier East Regional Planning Board, Norwich United Church of Christ, Norwich Elks Club, Broad Street Methodist Church BID, Chobani, Norwich City Schools, Chenango Memorial Hospital, Bassett Hospital, Chenango County SPCA, Chenango County Planning Dept., Chenango County Emergency Services, Chenango Health Network, Chenango County Sheriff’s Dept, Norwich City Police Dept., Gilligan’s and Fine Line Graphics.

Health- Building a Healthy Community Coalition
In 2016, we were very excited to be asked to partner with the Chenango County Health Department and Chobani on the Chobani Healthy Challenge, a summer-long health and wellness challenged aimed at increasing fitness and nutrition awareness in Chenango County, in an effort to reduce our County’s overall obesity rate. Last summer, more than 203 individuals participated in the challenge that kicked off at Friends of Rogers Center in June and ended at the Chenango County Fairgrounds in September. The Challenge will run again in 2017, but a FitPath will also be constructed at Weiler Park in Norwich to complement the program. Generously underwritten by Chobani, the FitPath will provide for several high-quality outdoor fitness stations to be constructed and available to the community as part of the project. We are very excited to see our community use these stations to “get fit”!

Income- The ALICE Project
ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. The United Way ALICE Project, now in 15 states, provides the means to better understand the struggles of those households above the federal poverty level but with insufficient resources to be economically sustainable. United Way of NYS commissioned a report in 2016 to better understand NYS ALICE and ALICE’s underlying conditions.  The research-based report provides the data and the context for United Ways and their partners to seek solutions.  This is in keeping with the United Way tradition of customized solutions to address key community conditions and opportunities. We believe the ALICE report will significantly contribute to dialogue about poverty and how to make our help more effective. We will be convening conversations throughout 2017 to look at this data and begin to discuss ways to assist the ALICE population in our community.

In Chenango County, 45% percent of all the people who live here are classified as “ALICE” (25%) or live below the Federal Poverty Level (15%). This means they are not earning enough to “get by” based on a household survival budget that uses conservative estimates of monthly expenses for housing, child care, food, transportation, health care and taxes. ALICE is essential to our communities’ economic well-being.  ALICE takes care of our children and our elderly residents.  ALICE works in food service, as secretaries and administrative assistants and as office clerks.  ALICE keeps our schools and offices clean and provides home health services.  ALICE rings out our groceries and other retail purchases, works as security guards, stocks shelves and fills orders. We all know ALICE.  

Fundraising- Fall 2016 Campaign
The fall of 2016 brought another annual campaign and an ambitious goal of $419,000 was set. Led by Jerri Webb of Frontier Communications and John Antonowicz of Wilson Funeral Home, this year’s campaign was a challenging one. Industrial campaigns struggled, while residential and small business campaigns flourished. The total number of gifts was down, but per capita giving was up. We launched the Chenango-oploy game in early 2016 and sold 192 games throughout the year…an exciting accomplishment and a great creative addition to our campaign revenue!
For weeks we held at 50% of our goal and wondered if we would ever surpass even the 80% mark. When we finally closed the campaign on January 13, 2017, we were shocked…our campaign had surpassed $419,000 and we raised $420,411…100% of our goal!!! Thank you to each and every one of you who have helped to make the Chenango United Way a success this year. Miracles really do happen. Once again, I am reminded of what an amazing community this is to live in and how proud I am to call Chenango County my home. So many of you have given of your time, your talent and your treasure to so many wonderful causes and it truly does make a difference! Thanks for making the United Way one of them.  I hope you know how much you mean to me and to this community.
With gratitude-
Elizabeth Monaco
Executive Director
2016 Board of Directors
Term    Officer    Name    Company
2011-2013, 2014-2016    Treasurer    TJ Moorehead    Retired, P&G Pharmaceuticals
2012-2014, 2015-2017        Kendall Drexler    Hospice
2013-2015, 2016-2018        Dan Wagner    Retired, P&G Pharmaceuticals
2013-2015, 2016-2018        Gina Goldman    Norwich-Alvogen
2013-2015, 2016-2018    Board Chair    Terra Carnrike-Granata    NBT Bank
2014-2016, 2017-2019        Bryan McCracken    City of Ithaca
2014-2016, 2017-2019        Whitney Downey    NBT Bank
2014-2016, 2017-2019        Elizabeth Bunce    Commerce Chenango
2014-2016, 2017-2019    Campaign Co-Chair    John Antonowicz    Wilson Funeral Home
2014-2016, 2017-2019        Mat White    Snyder Communications
2015-2017, 2018-2020    Vice Chair    Angela Hulbert    Preferred Mutual Insurance Co.
2015-2017, 2018-2020    Community Impact Chair    Rebecca Hargrave    Morrisville State College
2015-2017, 2018-2020    Campaign Co-Chair    Jerri Webb    Frontier Communications
2015-2017, 2018-2020        John Stafford    NBT Bank
2015-2017, 2018-2020        Anne Drexler    Retired, P&G Pharmaceuticals
2016-2018, 2019-2021        Ted Guinn    Chenango County, Dept. of  Weights & Measures
2016-2018, 2019-2021        Pam Mealey    Pro-Tel
2016-2018, 2019-2021        Bruce Beadle    Kerry
2016-2018, 2019-2021        Deb Barker    NBT Bank
2016-2018, 2019-2021        Shelly Bartow    Liberty Partnerships Program, Morrisville State College

Fall 2016 Campaign Final Report
Division     Raised to Date (as of 1.13.16)    % of Goal    Fall 2016 Goal     Given in Fall 2015
Agencies/Community Partners    $2,934    45%    $6,500     $6,023
Chenango-opoly    $6,732            
City of Norwich Employees    $386    103%    $375     $308
Community Foundations    $3,233    101%    $3,216     $3,216
Chenango County Employees    $3,548    79%    $4,500     $3,914
Day of Caring/Kick-Off    $1,728    115%    $1,500     $1,648
Golf Tournament    $1,982    50%    $4,000     $4,538
Hospital    $9,522    119%    $8,000     $7,499
Industry    $282,347    96%    $294,737     $289,379
Leaders in Giving     $37,695    91%    $41,219     $41,219
Miles of Quarters    $190    95%    $200     $0
P&G Retirees    $10,054    107%    $9,390     $9,390
Professionals    $7,720    132%    $5,830     $5,830
Residential    $27,328    119%    $22,894     $22,894
Restaurants    $0    0%    $250     $0
Schools    $13,219    120%    $11,000     $9,636
SEFA (state employees)    $881    52%    $1,689     $1,689
Small Business    $2,716    136%    $2,000     $1,834
Unsolicited    $7,697    513%    $1,500     $5,285
Churches    $500    250%    $200     $200
Total    $420,411    100%    $419,000    $414,502
Designations from Other UW's    $10,400             $11,476
Grand Total     $430,811              $425,978

2016 Community Allocations
Focus Area    2016 Allocation    Agency    Program
Education    $15,000.00     Guernsey Memorial Library    Books from Birth/Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program
Education    $22,704.89     The Place    Headwaters Youth Conservation Corps Program
Education    $22,918.32     The Place    KIDS Program
Education    $16,318.77     The Place    Teen After School Program
Education    $22,051.51     The Place    Chenango Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC) Program
Income    $18,290.58     Catholic Charities    Shelter Plus Care Program
Income    $23,039.62     Cornell Cooperative Extension    Grow, Cook, Serve Program
Income    $19,701.72     The Impact Project    The Impact Project Program
Income    $6,396.45         Chenango County Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens
Health    $17,575.39     Catholic Charities    Options Counseling Program
Health    $18,940.86     Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network    Norwich PAL Family Support and Mentoring Program
Health    $23,767.33     Chenango Health Network    Financial Assistance for Breast Cancer Patients
Health    $23,199.51     Chenango Health Network    Prescription Assistance Program
Health    $2,748.90     Danielle House    Housing Chenango County Residents During Medical Care in Broome
Health    $19,954.82     Family Planning of SCNY    Access to Health Care
Health    $22,115.79     Cornell Cooperative Extension    Grow, Cook, Eat Program
Health    $3,951.06     Family Planning of SCNY    Family Planning Education- Teens Count
Health    $5,000.00         Greater Chenango Cares IRT
Health    $3,246.06         Building a Healthy Community Coalition
Commmunity Support    $2,000.00         2-1-1 Information and Referral Hotline
Total    $308,921.58         

2016 Operating Budget
    2016 Budgeted     YTD Actual (As of 12.31.16)    Year to Date %
Payroll    $88,851    $88,652    100%
Health Insurance    $8,592    $8,595    100%
SIMPLE IRA Retirement    $2,666    $2,656    100%
FICA    $6,664    $6,781    102%
Payroll Expense    $1,200    $1,139    95%
NYS Worker's Comp Insurance    $750    $521    69%
Group Disability Insurance and NYS Disability    $800    $358    45%
Total Employee Benefits    $20,672    $20,050    97%
Total Employee Expenses    $109,523    $108,702    99%
NYS Disability Insurance    $90    $89    99%
Director's & Officer's Liability Insurance    $900    $878    98%
Business Owners Insurance    $630    $717    114%
Transfer for technology    $2,000    $2,000    100%
Technology Software Upgrades    $100    $166    166%
Technology Service Contract     $2,000    $2,194    110%
Technology Back-Up (Carbonite)    $425    $420    99%
Audit    $8,050    $8,325    103%
Interest from Savings    ($15)    $17    -113%
Miscellaneous and Other    $500    $52    10%
Rent    $8,375    $9,075    108%
Utilities    $1,000    $859    86%
Repairs & Maintenance    $500    $273    55%
Donation Tracker Annual Maintenance    $1,375    $1,350    98%
Books & Subscriptions    $400    $467    117%
Office Supplies    $700    $281    40%
Off-set to Office Supplies from Otis Thompson Fund    ($4,000)    ($4,407)    110%
Copier Lease    $1,728    $1,598    92%
Postage Supplies    $800    $824    103%
Telephone/Internet/Cell Phone    $3,800    $3,973    105%
Dues/Professional Memberships    $5,200    $6,060    117%
Office Expenses    $34,558    $35,211    102%
Mileage Reimbursements    $1,250    $948    76%
Conferences, Trainings and Meetings    $2,000    $3,669    183%
Staff Expenses    $3,250    $4,617    142%
Advertising    $1,250    $870    70%
Misc Campaign    $300    $0    0%
Supplies    $3,000    $4,788    160%
Campaign Expenses    $4,550    $5,658    124%
Total Operating Budget    $151,881    $154,188    102%
 5% taken from investment account    $55,928    $55,928    
Operating balance to come from campaign    $95,928    $98,260    
Administrative Overhead %        24%    

Statement of Financial Condition (January 1, 2016-December 31, 2016)

    Beginning Market Value                            $1,059,469.75            
    Additions                                $59,096.18
    Distributions                                ($75,088.86)
    Income                                    $32,651.12
    Non-Cash Asset Changes                            $11,530.29
    Change in Market Value                            $72,293.06

    Ending Market Value                            $1,159,951.54
    Realized Gains/Losses                            $12,270.82
    (included in total above)
    Asset Allocation Summary

    58% Equity                                $671,031.90
    39% Fixed Income                            $458,123.64
    3% Cash and Equivalents                            $30,796.00
    100% Total Assets Value                            $1,159,951.54

Red Feather Society Leadership Giving Circle
Rennie & Barb Korver
Laral Management
Robert & Linda Marshman
Robert and Rosemarie Tenney
Dave Theleman
Jennifer Olds & Family
Richard Griffin
Devin & Jerri Webb
Gary & Tracey Smith
Dr. William Y. W. Au
Dr. Jane A. Coddington
Thomas & Linda Fahy
Robert & Carol Denz
The Sastri Family
Michael & Rebecca Powell
Rebecca L. Yacano
Russ & Michelle Williamson
Robert Roselli
Kenneth J. Landers
Rae & Rebecca Jacklin
Sarah Sands
Jeff Holmes
Ron & Beth Cerow
David and Joyce Steward
Matthew & Jennifer Telesky
Irene Sciarrino
Frank & Elizabeth Monaco
Cathleen Reeder
Donnie & Marie Henry
Gail J. Jones
Jim & Bonnie Currie
Terra & Gino Granata
John & Kathie Deierlein
Hon. Elizabeth Garry
Tim & Shauna Hyle
Dan & Julie Wagner
Roy & Laura Fuller
Barbara & Gary Tompkins

Charles Curry & Elizabeth Curry
Dr. John R. Brereton
Rick & JoAnn Mirabito
Annette & Leo Burns
Mark & Rebecca Mershon
Marcus & Florence Doller
Gary & Amy Hurta
Joseph Skundrich
Greg & Shelley Fuller
Marcia & John Watt
Virginia J. T. Chaplin
Sheldon & Rebecca Prentice
Debbie Barker
The Lee Family

Chris & Beth Calhoun
Tony & Nancy Savitsky

Olin Miller

We make every effort to recognize each contribution accurately and apologize,
if by error, we have inaccurately listed or omitted any contributors from the list above.