RFP Questions and Answers-Fall 2017

RFP Questions from Applicants- Fall 2017:
1. The RFP indicates a minimum request of $2,500 to a maximum of $25,000.  Are these amounts based on one year of funding or the total request for both years?
Applicants should submit a request amount in the fall 2017 application that represents their need for one year (2018) with the assumption that this amount will be carried over to the second year (2019) if funding is approved. Awards in either year will be subject to program performance and dollars raised.
2. The program budget form is dated 2018.  Is it safe to assume that you want to see a budget for one year's projected revenue/expenses?
Yes, the fall 2017 application should include a projected budget for 2018. If approved for funding, the applicant will then be asked at the end of 2018 to submit a budget for the second year of the two-year funding cycle. 
3. Do applicants need to submit letters of support in this year’s grant application process? 
No, letters of support are not a requirement for this year’s RFP process. Please refer to the RFP instructions on-line for all of this year’s process details: https://chenangouw.org/sites/chenangouw.org/files/Fall%202017%20RFP%20In...
4. Does question #6 apply only to outcomes stated in grant applications to Chenango United Way from the previous year?
Yes.  Only previous performance for outcomes related to Chenango United Way funding are required to be documented in this section. If your program did not receive CUW funding last year, you do not need to complete this section.